Linking information for FreeQuest

So, you have decided you want to link your server to FreeQuest? Great!
Follow this little guide, and everything should be just fine.

This section is to be updated, it is quite outdated at the moment!

If you can't meet the below criterias, don't bother applying.
* Coorporate internet connection (ie. no home servers)
* You must have root access on the server
* Knowledge about compiling and running ircds (can be excepted, see below)
* Linux/BSD/Solaris/OSX operating systems
* At least 10Mbit full duplex connection
* Permission from ISP/Datacentre to run IRCD

We have written a script which will give us some idea about your server's connection.
It requires lynx and mtr, and can be downloaded here. Make sure to include the fqtrace.txt file when you send your application by email.

Before you send in your application, make sure that you are familiar with the software we use on FreeQuest. Don't send in your application expecting to run Unreal, UltimateIRCd or anything that isn't compatible. Download, compile, configure and play with fqircd and bopm. If you want to submit your link application and let us do all the configuring and administration of the server, software knowledge isn't necessary. Software can be fond here

Link application
So, you probably feel ready to submit it right away, don't you?
Send an email in text-only format (yes, no HTML!) containing the following:
* Information about yourself, your intended staff and your server
* Contact details, preferrably a cell phone that can recieve SMS
* IRC experience for you and your staff
* Where the server are located, and how the connectivity is
* All of the purposes the servers is being used for (e.g. bnc, shell etc.)
* Why you want to link to FreeQuest
* The name you want your server to have
* How soon you can fix problems with your server

If you need inspiration, look at other IRC networks web sites and see what their applications looks like, and make sure yours is no worse than theirs. And finally, make sure you send this email to A reply can take up to 2-3 weeks, depending on our workload. If we need any more information, we'll let you know. Don't email us asking about progress, this will only make us think less about your application.